Choosing a Fermenter: Bucket, Carboy, Keg, or Conical

An overview and comparison of the pros and cons of the four main types of fermenters available to homebrewers and winemakers; plastic buckets, carboys (glass and plastic), cornelius (corny) kegs, and conicals (plastic and stainless steel). 2:05 – The Plastic Bucket 5:38 – The Carboy 9:54 – The Cornelius Keg 14:20 – The Conical 19.49 […]

CF10 Spike Conical Unitank Fermenter: A Hands-On Review

An overview and walk through of using the CF10 Spike Brewing conical fermenter to ferment a 10 gallon batch of beer that I made. Topics include an overview of features, optional accessories, fermentation options (including natural carbonation), kegging via open pressure transfer, cleanup, and of course some pros and cons. Spike Brewing Website My 10 […]

The Pico Pro: A Hands On Review

My review, and walk through, of using the Pico Pro by PicoBrew to brew a beer with one of their prepackaged PicoPaks. The PicoPak I chose for this video was ‘Heroes Never Die‘ by Beer Army Foundation; a pale ale. I also designed my own Freestyle PicoPak and plan to do a follow up video […]

My Spike Brewing 20 Gallon Custom Kettle

The 4th component in my 5 to 10 gallon brewery upgrade project is my new 20 gallon 3-port stainless steel brew kettle from Spike Brewing. See why I bought it and what I like about it. Here is the custom design specification from Spike for my kettle: Watch the entire ‘Brewery Upgrade: 5 to 10 […]

The Fermentasaurus: A Hands-On Review

My opinion of the Fermentasaurus conical fermenter by Oxebar in context of brewing a beer; an English brown ale. Also featured is the pressure lid kit accessory. Topics include sanitizing, racking, fermenting, purging trub, naturally carbonating, pressure transferring to a keg in a closed system, and cleaning up. Thanks to the folks at for […]

BBQ Guru CyberQ Cloud: First Impression

My first impression of the BBQ Guru CyberQ Cloud temperature controller & monitor as I set it up and use it for the first time. This is a very promising gadget, and I expect it will make my life a whole lot easier when barbecuing. The Recorded ‘Spare Ribs’ Cook: Buy It On Amazon, […]

The FastFerment: A Hands-On Review

A review of the 7.9L FastFerment by FastBrewing & Winemaking in context of fermenting and kegging an actual homebrew, a hefeweizen, including it pros and cons. FastFerment & Accessories: DONATE – Consider supporting my channel by making a direct contribution at the link below:

The Catalyst Fermentation System: A Hands-On Review Update

A follow up to my review of the Catalyst Fermentation System by Craft-A-Brew where I address the three largest problems mentioned in the original video; transporting it safely and easily, minimizing trub jar swapping, and eliminating the need for a blow-off hose. Catalyst Fermentation System Playlist: DONATE – Consider supporting my channel by making […]

Catalyst Fermentation System Cover Review

A review of the Cover for the Catalyst Fermentation System by Craft-A-Brew. Advantages include the ability to carry the vessel and stand together and keeping light away from your beer while it ferments. Catalyst Fermentation System: The Catalyst Fermentation System: A Hands-On Review DONATE – Consider supporting my channel by making a direct contribution […]