Fermented Hot Sauce Via the Pepper Mash Method (Part 2): Processing & Bottling

The final follow up video to the first video on fermenting peppers, this video covers the final processing, bottling, & labeling of the fermented peppers. Items mentioned in video:pH MeterStar San Sanitizer5 oz Woozy BottlesWoozy Bottle Shrink CapsulesPrintable Labels 00:00 – Intro & Recap01:00 – Finishing Fermentation Batch 103:21 – Measuring pH for Batch 104:43 […]

2022 Crown Point Rib Competition Road Trip

Another year; another contest. It’s time for my annual trip to Crown Point, Indiana for the annual Pentwater Rib Competition. Hoping to regain my title in 2022. This is going to be fun! I used my traveling kamado, a Broil King Keg 5000 attached to my trailer hitch, again to cook three racks of St. […]

Fermented Hot Sauce Via the Pepper Mash Method (Part 1)

End of summer is the time of year where I begin fermenting some of my harvested garden grown peppers in preparation for turning them into bottled hot sauce. This year my harvest consists of Habanero, Tabasco, Melrose, Havasu peppers, and some San Marzano tomatoes. I like to use the pepper mash method instead of a […]

Blanching Sweet Corn with the Spike Brewing Solo Basket

It’s that time of year where Illinois sweet corn is ready to eat and to preserve for eating later. I bought a whole sack (50 ears) this time and didn’t want to do it in batches on my stove, so I pulled out some of my home brewing equipment (a 20 gallon Spike Solo System […]

Garage Home Brewery Organization: Breweries on Wheels

Sharing with you how I organization a multipurpose room/area (my garage) to accommodate home brewing equipment (and cooking gear as well) for easy in and easy out access. PLEASE throw me a bone by using my affiliate links if you plan to order these carts!! Blichmann Engineering KettleKart (Affiliate Link):https://www.morebeer.com/products/blichmann-kettle-kart.html?a_aid=BEERNBBQ Oceanstar 3-Tier Steel Heavy Duty […]

Cereal Mashing: How To Gelatinize Rice for Brewing

A walk through of the process for gelatinizing rice to use in home brew. I decided to make this after not seeing any videos on the topic except for one. Chapters:00:00 Intro00:41 Overview – Why We Are Doing This03:28 Crushing The Rice05:20 Water Transfer07:02 Discussion on How/When to Combine Mashes08:23 Heating The Rice to Gelatinization […]