Cereal Mashing: How To Gelatinize Rice for Brewing

A walk through of the process for gelatinizing rice to use in home brew. I decided to make this after not seeing any videos on the topic except for one. Chapters:00:00 Intro00:41 Overview – Why We Are Doing This03:28 Crushing The Rice05:20 Water Transfer07:02 Discussion on How/When to Combine Mashes08:23 Heating The Rice to Gelatinization […]

American Pale Ale w/ Idaho 7 Hops Recipe – KRIMS & Nostalgia Brew Day Followup

The beer tasting follow up to the Nostalgia Brew Day (KRIMS on a Budget) video.Guest: Clay from JaDeD Brewing joins me to try the beer. Link to Nostalgia Brew Day video: https://youtu.be/hdSTlcoz7EI American Pale Ale Recipe:Excel: https://beernbbqbylarry.com/BNBFiles/American_Pale_Ale-Idaho7-20220313.xlsxPDF: https://beernbbqbylarry.com/BNBFiles/American_Pale_Ale-Idaho7-20220313.pdf Support my work via the following affiliate links:(I get small commission from each purchase you make.)SNS Grills: […]

Cleaning Multiple Beer Lines At The Same Time

Homebrewing quick tip on using a fountain pump and some beer faucet attachments to clean multiple beer lines at the same time. Nozzles Used in Video:Ball Lock Quick Disconnect (QD) Spout: https://www.morebeer.com/products/intertap-beer-faucet-parts-ball-lock-spout.html?a_aid=BEERNBBQGrowler Filler Spout: https://www.morebeer.com/products/intertap-beer-faucet-parts-growler-filler-spout.html?a_aid=BEERNBBQ Support my work via the following affiliate links:(I get small commission from each purchase you make.)SNS Grills: http://snsgrills.com?afmc=BNBJaDeD Brewing: http://jadedbrewing.com?aff=27MoreBeer: […]

Bourbon Stout Update: Recipe, Tasting, & Comparison to Dragon’s Milk

The conclusion video to the Bourbon Stout Live Stream Brew Day on November 6, 2021 where I go through the fermentation and infusion of bourbon and oak processes. Sampling and comparison to the real New Holland Dragon’s Milk stout. Also, an update about the next version of my Brewing Spreadsheet. 00:00 Brew Day Recap01:37 Welcome […]

Larry’s Berries: Cherry Saison (Recipe & Live Stream Brew Day Followup)

I brewed another batch of Larry’s Berries homebrew, but this time the fruit was several pounds of fresh cherries instead of raspberries, blackberries, and/or blueberries. Made with a grain and hop bill designed to be a neutral background with good head retention in support of emphasizing the cherry addition and Lallemand Belle Saison yeast flavor […]