Award Winning Ribs (and Recipe) at the 2nd Annual BBQ Cookoff in Crown Point, Indiana

It was that time of year again to travel to Crown Point, Indiana for the second annual Pentwater rib competition. This time I won first place! See how I did it. Recipe below.

Award Winning Rib Recipe:
1) Peel them. (Remove the membrane.) (
2) Apply a dry rub at least a couple hours in advance.
For this version, I used a Steven Raichlen #ProjectSmoke rub called “Kansas City Smoke Rub”.
3) Cook indirect on a hickory and natural lump charcoal fire @225-250 for 2 hours or until bones start to show and meat is becoming bendable.
4) Place double lined foil sheet on a table.
5) Add 3-4 slices of butter, a few lines of honey, and a sprinkle of turbinado sugar to the sheet.
6) Remove ribs and place on double lined foil sheet meat side down.
7) Add another layer of butter, honey, and turbinado sugar to the top (bone side) of the slab.
8) Add a splash of apple cider( or juice) to the foil pack.
9) Wrap it up tightly and place back on cooker for 1 hour.
10) Remove from cooker and unwrap ribs.
11) Move ribs aside for now.
12) Pour liquid from foil into a sauce pan over med-high heat to reduce to a glaze.
13) Add a BBQ sauce to the pan. I used Steven Raichein’s Project Smoke Lemon Brown Sugar BBQ sauce.
14) Place ribs back on cooker and sauce both sides leaving the meat side up before closing the lid.
15) Cook for 1 more hour adding more BBQ glaze during that time.
16) Remove and serve.

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