American Pale Ale w/ Idaho 7 Hops Recipe – KRIMS & Nostalgia Brew Day Followup

The beer tasting follow up to the Nostalgia Brew Day (KRIMS on a Budget) video.Guest: Clay from JaDeD Brewing joins me to try the beer. Link to Nostalgia Brew Day video: American Pale Ale Recipe:Excel: Support my work via the following affiliate links:(I get small commission from each purchase you make.)SNS Grills: […]

Larry’s Berries: Cherry Saison (Recipe & Live Stream Brew Day Followup)

I brewed another batch of Larry’s Berries homebrew, but this time the fruit was several pounds of fresh cherries instead of raspberries, blackberries, and/or blueberries. Made with a grain and hop bill designed to be a neutral background with good head retention in support of emphasizing the cherry addition and Lallemand Belle Saison yeast flavor […]

Mash Evaporation Rate: An Experiment

Another video in a series on measuring various variables that affect all grain brewing, this video goes into detail on determining evaporation losses within a mashtun during a mash. This information is useful for beer recipe design by increasing the total amount of brewing water required to account for loss due to evaporation so that […]