Better Than Bud Light: American Light Beer (w Rice): AKA #NotBudLight

Due to recent events surrounding boycotts of Bud Light by various groups of people, I thought I’d show the boycotters how to create their very own clone version that tastes better than the real deal.

Brewed on the Blichmann Engineering BrewEasy, chilled by a JaDeD Brewing immersion chiller, fermented in a BrewBuilt X2 conical fermenter, and filtered on the way to the kegs.

#NotBudLight Recipe:
► Excel:
► PDF:

Equipment used in Video:
Northern Brewer Grain Scale & Malt Mill:
Blichmann Engineering BrewEasy Brew System:
JaDeD Brewing Scylla Chiller (Affiliate):
BrewBuilt X2 Fermenter (Affiliate):

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