Bourbon Stout Update: Recipe, Tasting, & Comparison to Dragon’s Milk

The conclusion video to the Bourbon Stout Live Stream Brew Day on November 6, 2021 where I go through the fermentation and infusion of bourbon and oak processes. Sampling and comparison to the real New Holland Dragon’s Milk stout. Also, an update about the next version of my Brewing Spreadsheet. 00:00 Brew Day Recap01:37 Welcome […]

Mash Evaporation Rate: An Experiment

Another video in a series on measuring various variables that affect all grain brewing, this video goes into detail on determining evaporation losses within a mashtun during a mash. This information is useful for beer recipe design by increasing the total amount of brewing water required to account for loss due to evaporation so that […]

Determining Hops Absorption Rate: An Experiment

The second installment on determining brewing losses in your brew system, this video covers water/wort losses due to hops absorption in the brew kettle.Link to first video on Grain Absorption Rates: Support my work via the following affiliate links:(I get small commission from each purchase you make.)SNS Grills: Brewing: Brewing: America: […]

Recipe Design Tutorial – LIVE

Let’s talk recipe design using my freely available brewing spreadsheet. We’ll walk through how to design a recipe and go over a number of enhancements since version 3.0 with Q&A throughout.