Why Various Brewing Software Tools Give Different Results

A very common question I get from viewers and users of my Brewing Recipe Spreadsheet is: “Why do the outputs (Efficiency, O.G., F.G., ABV, etc) of your recipe calculator spreadsheet differ from <fill in the blank> recipe calculator?” I’ve answered this question so many times that I decided to write this article so that I […]

Brewing Spreadsheet Version 3: Overview, Recap, & Deep Dive All-In-One Video

The latest version (v3) of my Brewing Recipe Template Spreadsheet is now available for download on my website with many major (and some minor) enhancements; many of which are based upon user request. Highlights of this update include: water profile adjustments, support for multiple brewing methods (batch sparging, fly sparging, BIAB, & Extract), auto-update of […]

Brewing on The Grainfather in Manual Mode Using My Brewing Spreadsheet (and Why I Did It)

I used the Grainfather Connect in manual mode (without the use of its mobile app or related https://brew.grainfather.com website) along with my freely downloadable Brewing Recipe Spreadsheet to design and brew a recipe due to a limitation of the Grainfather recipe website that doesn’t support accounting for, nor reporting on, the mash extract efficiency; a […]

Fast & Easy Carboy Cleaning

How to clean a glass carboy quickly, easily, & with less mess than other methods. This method: Use a Carboy Cleaner by Keg Works attached to a power drill to clean it with some PBW and allow to drip dry upside down in a Carboy Dryer. See something in one of my videos that you’d […]

Adjusting Homebrew Recipes Due to Extract Efficiency Differences

A quick tutorial on how to adopt (modify the grain bill) another person’s homebrew recipe when its extract efficiency is different from your own brew house extract efficiency. Watch the entire ‘Brewing Recipe Template See something in one of my videos that you’d like to have too? Shop my Amazon Influencers Store: https://www.amazon.com/shop/beer-n-bbqbylarry DONATE – […]

Scaling Homebrew Recipes

A short tip on scaling your homebrew recipes and answer to a question I get regularly. Leverage my brewing recipe template to scale a recipe up or down. Watch the entire ‘Brewing Recipe Template: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list… See something in one of my videos that you’d like to have too? Shop my Amazon Influencers Store: https://www.amazon.com/shop/beer-n-bb… DONATE […]

Brewing Recipe Template v2.2 Update

Version 2.2 of my brewing recipe calculator template is out. Updates include an SRM color calculator, a forced carbonation keg pressure calculator, and a MUCH more accurate grain list for calculating a MUCH more accurate specific gravity and mash extract efficiency by using information gained directly from the various maltster’s malt analysis sheets. DONATE – […]

Brewing Recipe Template v2.1 Update

Overview of enhancements and fixes to my brewing recipe calculator spreadsheet since version 2.0. 1:03 – Instructions Tab Update 1:42 – Sparge Calculation Update 2:35 – Yeast Fermentation Range Update 3:55 – Brewhouse Setup Tab Update 4:51 – Grain Absorption Ratio Update 6:10 – Refractometer Brix to FG Update 7:22 – Strike Water Temp Calc […]

Homemade Burger Buns

Due to popular demand from a recent video on making burgers, I have created this “how to” video on making your own hamburger buns. Starting from a natural yeast starter and sponge starter, these delicious buns develop a ton of great sourdough-like flavors and aromas while the milk, butter, and sugar additions keep the interior […]