Brewing on The Grainfather in Manual Mode Using My Brewing Spreadsheet (and Why I Did It)

I used the Grainfather Connect in manual mode (without the use of its mobile app or related website) along with my freely downloadable Brewing Recipe Spreadsheet to design and brew a recipe due to a limitation of the Grainfather recipe website that doesn’t support accounting for, nor reporting on, the mash extract efficiency; a value critical to successfully reproducing a recipe from another brewing system and process than your own.
Mash extract efficiency impacts the quantities of grains and hops required to brew a recipe to match the output specifications of the recipe.
The Grainfather doesn’t use this value and instead uses a more generic and less useful ‘Brewhouse Efficiency’ value that includes losses not directly related to the scaling/conversion/adaptation of a given recipe from one brewer to another or from one brew system/process to another.

Link to mentioned video on how to adjust extract efficiency:

Link to my Brewing Recipe Spreadsheet:

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  1. Hello there, I found your calculation sheet is very useful but do you have sheets in Metric Unit? cause I am a home brewer from China and we are using Metric Unit here.

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