Homebrewing Hose Cleaning Tip: Keg Wands!

A little trick I use to make my life so much easier when it comes to rinsing, cleaning, and sanitizing various hoses used in home brewing including jumper hoses, picnic tap hoses, and other kind of transfer tubing where ball lock beverage disconnects are used. Links to Some Keg Wands:NOTE – I do not have […]

Plastic Pressure Fermentation: Fermenter King Snub Nose and FermZilla All Rounder

Ever want to ferment under pressure? Carboys can’t do it, and stainless steel vessels are expensive. Another option? PET (plastic) fermenters! Relatively cheap, they are capable of fermenting beer, cider, or wine under pressure just as well as stainless steel options.In this video, I review and compare two plastic pressure fermenters; the FermZilla All Rounder […]

Exchilerator Turbonik Brush Review: Clean A Carboy Quickly and Easily

Cleaning carboys with carboy brushes can be tedious, but cleaning a glass carboy does not have to be a difficult job. Using an Exchilerator Turbonik Brush, carboy cleaning is a breezeā€¦most of the time. See a demo as well as hear about my experience with one. Exchilerator Website: https://www.exchilerator.com/ Support my work via the following […]

Reviewing the Blichmann BrewEasy (240V Electric, 10 Gallon Version)

My initial review of the Blichmann Engineering BrewEasy; a unique 2-vessel all-grain RIMS (Recirculating Infusion Mash System) brew system for home brewers. The unit reviewed here is their 10 gallon (batch size) 240V electric brewing system that comes with the BrewCommander Brewhouse Controller, RipTide Brewing Pump, and KettleKart. Blichmann Engineering: https://www.blichmannengineering.com/ Chapters:00:00 Opening Video Montage […]

Blichmann Engineering RipTide Brewing Pump vs Chugger Pump Review: Why I Switched

I recently replaced my Chugger Pump with a Blichmann Engineering RipTide and am SO glad I did. See why I switched and my review of both pumps! Blichmann Engineering: https://www.blichmannengineering.com/The RipTide: https://www.blichmannengineering.com/riptide-brewing-pump.htmlRipTide Amazon Affiliate Link (throw me a bone): https://amzn.to/2BM8RCg Support my work via the following affiliate links:(I get small commission from each purchase you […]

The New Steam Condenser Lid by Spike Brewing: A Preview

Spike Brewing sent me a prototype of their upcoming Steam Condenser Lid, and I brewed a batch of beer with it. See how it went! Support my work via the following affiliate links:(I get small commission from each purchase you make.)SNS Grills: http://snsgrills.com?afmc=BNBJaDeD Brewing: http://jadedbrewing.com?aff=27MoreBeer: https://www.morebeer.com/index?a_aid=BEERNBBQWilliams Brewing: http://www.williamsbrewing.com/Default.aspx?afid=81Brewing America: https://brewingamerica.com?sca_ref=82296.c5HcaMjKumAmazon: https://www.amazon.com/shop/beer-n-bbqbylarryJoin the American Homebrewers Association: […]

Review of The ELECTRICHAIR by JaDeD Brewing

My review of The ElectriChair by JaDeD Brewing with an overview and live demonstration by the owner of JaDeD Brewing. The ElectriChair is a copper standoff or raised platform used to hold an immersion chiller above the heating element of an electric brew kettle so that the element is not damaged by the weight of […]

Spike eBIAB: 1st Brew Day Experience

The outcome of my first brew day on the Spike Brewing eBIAB Single Vessel Brewing System. Some observations and some ideas for improving the brew day experience. #SpikeBrewing #SpikeBrewingEquipment #BIAB #eBIAB Purchase Links Mentioned in Video (Amazon Affiliate Links): Hoist: https://amzn.to/33lo6LK 10 ft Cable Extension: https://amzn.to/3aUGRZ Larry’s Lager Recipe Links: https://youtu.be/4Mx1-qh568Q https://youtu.be/YxpswhNvQIY