The Spike Brewing eBIAB Single Vessel Brewing System: Early Access & 1st Look

Spike Brewing sent me a pre-production prototype of their new electric single vessel brewing system: the eBIAB. Let’s see what’s inside! #SpikeBrewing #eBIAB #BIAB Spike Brewing: Short Circuited Brewers videos mentioned: Spike Single Vessel E BIAB System First Look!: Spike BIAB system preview at NHC 2019:

The FermZilla: Is it Better Than the Fermentasaurus?

My first use, and opinion, of the second generation Fermentasaurus; the FermZilla. Thanks to those of you that asked me to do this review, and thanks for MoreBeer for providing the unit. MoreBeer Affiliate Link: Keg Lube (Amazon Affiliate):

The New TriCoil 1.2 Chiller by CuS.S. Brewing Equipment

I had the opportunity to meet Jeremy McGranahan, owner of CuS.S. Brewing Equipment, and talk with him about his latest product; the TriCoil 1.2 Immersion Chiller. Jeremy was a co-owner of Jaded Brewing but now runs his own business making similar immersion chillers under the CuS.S. label. Check out the CuS.S. website:

My Kegerator Upgrades: Kegland Series 4, Gov Reg, & Custom Tap Handles

I finally bought a new kegerator to replace my single tap model; a 3-tap Kegland Series 4 kegerator with stainless steel Intertap Flow Control Faucets, Gov Reg compact secondary regulators, & custom tap handles. It looks and works great! Kegland Series 4 Kegerator: Intertap Faucets and Accessories: Intertap Ball Lock Adapter: Intertap […]

A Slow ‘N Sear Kamado Review

After dozens of cooks over a three month period, I have acquired plenty of first-hand hands-on knowledge and experience with the Slow ‘N Sear Kamado to do this review video justice. After 30+ years of outdoor cooking, the last 7+ years of which have been using multiple kamados, this is the first kamado (and grill […]

Brewing on The Grainfather in Manual Mode Using My Brewing Spreadsheet (and Why I Did It)

I used the Grainfather Connect in manual mode (without the use of its mobile app or related website) along with my freely downloadable Brewing Recipe Spreadsheet to design and brew a recipe due to a limitation of the Grainfather recipe website that doesn’t support accounting for, nor reporting on, the mash extract efficiency; a […]

Flow Control Faucets and Balanced Draft Systems Working Together

I bought an Intertap flow control faucet (model 8473) to help minimize foam while pouring more highly carbonated beers, ciders, and even root beers from my kegerator. However, I discovered that a flow control tap wasn’t enough on its own to control foam and still required a somewhat balanced draft system with a proper beer […]