Compact Secondary Pressure Regulators for Draft Beer: ITW PRT Gov Reg Dispensing Regulator

I bought these miniature secondary regulators for my new 3-tap kegerator (a Kegland Series 4) to independently control the pressure in each of the three kegs while at the same time fitting all three secondary regulators inside the kegerator. I could not do this with three full size secondary regulators.
It was a good thing I came across the ITW PRT Gov Reg Dispensing Regulators. I’ve had them for months now and have enjoyed the ability to drink three different beers at the serving pressures most suited to the beer style in each keg.
I purchased their Home Brew Starter Kit G5526. It came with two regulators and the adjustment tool. I also bought a third regulator.

Parts Used:
GovReg Homebrew Starter Kit:
Extra Regulator:
Extra Adapter for Corny Keg:

Buy them individually on Amazon, get me a commish:
Gov Reg Secondary Pressure Regulator:
Gov Reg Adjusting Tool:

Or buy them direct from Gov Reg (no commish):

ITW website:

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