The ‘Fermchamberator’: a Kegerator Turned Refrigerator Turned Fermentation Chamber (and Back Again)

I repurposed and converted an old kegerator turned fridge in my garage into a fermentation chamber capable of heating and cooling batches of fermenting wort (beer) up to 10 or more gallons to maintain a desired fermentation temperature even in extremely cold winters and hot summers without having to transport difficult to carry fermenters into […]

My Kegerator Upgrades: Kegland Series 4, Gov Reg, & Custom Tap Handles

I finally bought a new kegerator to replace my single tap model; a 3-tap Kegland Series 4 kegerator with stainless steel Intertap Flow Control Faucets, Gov Reg compact secondary regulators, & custom tap handles. It looks and works great! Kegland Series 4 Kegerator: Intertap Faucets and Accessories: Intertap Ball Lock Adapter: Intertap […]