The ‘Fermchamberator’: a Kegerator Turned Refrigerator Turned Fermentation Chamber (and Back Again)

I repurposed and converted an old kegerator turned fridge in my garage into a fermentation chamber capable of heating and cooling batches of fermenting wort (beer) up to 10 or more gallons to maintain a desired fermentation temperature even in extremely cold winters and hot summers without having to transport difficult to carry fermenters into my house and down flights of stairs to ferment in the basement. Now, I can just brew in my garage, rack it to fermenter, and toss it into the nearby fermentation chamber. BONUS: It is easily convertible back to a fridge or kegerator if needed.

Links Mentioned in Video:
Kegmenter 13.2 Gal:
Seedling Heat Mat (40W):
Tool Replacement Cord:
Cord Outlet:
Outlet to Socket Adapter:
Reptile Heat Lamp:
InkBird ITC-308 WiFi Temperature Controller:
Foam Rubber Weatherstripping:

My kegerator upgrade video:

00:00 Intro
00:09 The Backstory (Why I did it)
04:00 Fermenters That Fit In It
04:35 The Build
09:05 Alternate Build Options
10:15 Converting Back to a Fridge or Kegerator
10:40 My Go Forward Brewing Methodology
11:05 Compensating for Temperature Gradients via the InkBird IT-308 WiFi
12:55 Final Thoughts

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