The Grainfather: First Brew Day

Part 2 of my Grainfather review, I walk through a brew day with the Grainfather demonstrating how to input recipes, sync to the app and Grainfather Connect Control Box, mash, sparge, boil, cool, rack to a fermenter, and clean it when done.

‘The Grainfather’ Overview (Part 1):

Grainfather website:

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  1. Larry, I enjoyed your video.I had the same problem with the pump.The final result for me is the beer is awesome.I love the grainfather.Look at David Heaths videos, he has a lot great videos on how to use the grainfather.Thanks again for the videos.

  2. I did not. I’m realizing again the limitations of depending on other brewing software compared to my own spreadsheet as it did not calculate that for me, and I haven’t bothered trying to reinput all of this back into my spreadsheet to find out.

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