How To Calibrate the Spike Solo

Answering the question of how to set a temperature offset and autotune the Spike Brewing Solo eBIAB system before first use. The PID controller that comes with it is an Electric Brewing Supply EBSP200. Spike Brewing Solo: The link to the PID controller manual with details on programming it:

The Spike Brewing eBIAB Single Vessel Brewing System: Early Access & 1st Look

Spike Brewing sent me a pre-production prototype of their new electric single vessel brewing system: the eBIAB. Let’s see what’s inside! #SpikeBrewing #eBIAB #BIAB Spike Brewing: Short Circuited Brewers videos mentioned: Spike Single Vessel E BIAB System First Look!: Spike BIAB system preview at NHC 2019:

The Grainfather: First Brew Day

Part 2 of my Grainfather review, I walk through a brew day with the Grainfather demonstrating how to input recipes, sync to the app and Grainfather Connect Control Box, mash, sparge, boil, cool, rack to a fermenter, and clean it when done. ‘The Grainfather’ Overview (Part 1): Grainfather website: See something in one […]