The Grainfather: NE IPA Brew Day

For my second brew day on the Grainfather, I decided to brew a Northeast IPA while applying some lessons learned from my first brew day. Use of the delayed start heat setting to heat my sparge water, the Graincoat, a new hop spider, fly sparging using an assist from my ten gallon system’s Chugger pump, and comparing the recipes from both the website and my own brewing recipe spreadsheet while drinking my previously brewed American Amber Ale with my brother Chad and letting him give the Grainfather a try all resulted in a fine brew day experience and video. Also shown is an all glass hydrometer kit by Brewing America:

0:35 – Opening statement & what to expect.
2:38 – The night before; using the delayed heat function for the sparge water.
4:09 – Brew day begins; prepping & storing the sparge water for later use.
4:40 – Starting to brew, crushing the grain, & mash-in.
5:17 – Chatting with Chad while discussing a variety of topics including recipe formulation and the pros/cons of brewing software.
13:30 – Sampling the American Amber Ale from the first Grainfather run, talking about hops, & the NE IPA style discussion.
26:05 – Mash out, hooking up the hop spider for first wort hopping, and fly (continuous) sparging.
36:00 – The boil
38:20 – Using the new hydrometer kit from Brewing America
41:40 – The hop stand
44:43 – Chilling & racking with the counterflow chiller
46:14 – Aeration, yeast pitching, adding the airlock
46:39 – Final thoughts, tasting the unfermented beer, and the results/effects of testing/using the Graincoat.

NE IPA Recipe:
American Amber Ale Recipe:
The Grainfather Playlist:

Hop Spider:
The Grainfather:
The Graincoat:
Brewing America Hydrometer Kit:

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