Plastic Pressure Fermentation: Fermenter King Snub Nose and FermZilla All Rounder

Ever want to ferment under pressure? Carboys can’t do it, and stainless steel vessels are expensive. Another option? PET (plastic) fermenters! Relatively cheap, they are capable of fermenting beer, cider, or wine under pressure just as well as stainless steel options.
In this video, I review and compare two plastic pressure fermenters; the FermZilla All Rounder and the Fermenter King Gen 3 Snub Nose.

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One comment

  1. About the All Rounder:
    While the smaller diameter ring on the stand up is great for inverting the fermenter to dry, the larger diameter up makes for better stability and gives the fermenter a lower profile. Also, if you wrap the ring with silicone hose and gently push the fermenter down, it does a good job of holding them together when lifting or carrying (again, the larger ring works best.
    As for a dry hop port, removing either of the posts reveals a PCO 1881 port that’s works well for adding pellets.
    Other than those additions, I found your evaluations to be fair and accurate. Keep up the good work.

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