Brewing Spreadsheet Version 3: Overview, Recap, & Deep Dive All-In-One Video

The latest version (v3) of my Brewing Recipe Template Spreadsheet is now available for download on my website with many major (and some minor) enhancements; many of which are based upon user request. Highlights of this update include: water profile adjustments, support for multiple brewing methods (batch sparging, fly sparging, BIAB, & Extract), auto-update of strike water temperature, a choice of either hydrometer or refractometer for specific gravity readings, hydrometer testing & correction, accounting for losses due to hop absorption, better support for hop stands, and inclusion of my Draft System Balancing spreadsheet as a tab.

Download the brewing software (spreadsheet) here:

Feel free to watch the entire video or skip to the sections of interest to you by clicking on the time stamps below:
00:00 – Opening
00:35 – Introduction, Some Highlights, & How To Navigate
02:04 – Where To Download The Brewing Spreadsheet
03:00 – Instructions Tab
06:38 – Recipe Tab
16:33 – Brewhouse Setup Tab
34:25 – Grain & Sugar Calcs Tab
38:26 – Hop Calcs Tab
44:05 – Water Tabs (Water Profiles & Chemistry via EZWaterCalculator)
49:25 – Yeast List Tab
51:16 – Hydrometer Testing & Correction Tab
53:13 – Beer Line Length Tab (AKA Draft System Line Balancing)
54:49 – Carbonation Tab (Priming Sugar & Forced Carbonation)
56:39 – Malt Sheet PPG Calcs
59:18 – Conversion Tab (For Extract to All-Grain and All-Grain to Extract)
1:00:52 – Summary

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