Homebrewing Basics: Brewing Recipe Template Tutorial

The long overdue overview and tutorial on using my ‘Brewing Recipe Template’ referenced in many of my videos to design your own beer recipes.
Brewing Recipe Template (Old Version)
Brewing Recipe Template Updated Version
Brewing Ingredients (Old Version)


  1. Real quick question Larry,
    I am following your guidance on building a jockey box and I’m having trouble trying to locate the wall couplings with nuts
    Actually I assume the nuts
    Are the same as the ones you used for the beer shanks at 7/8s of an in. But the wall couplings don’t seem easy to find based on the 7/8s size and the thread type which I believe is the same as toilet plumbing
    Any help would help out tremendously
    The only thing I left to do is get the beer into the jockey box via the keg through the wall couplings

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