How To Dial In Your Brew System and Process To Make Repeatable Beer That Meets Your Expectations

Learn what you need to do to brew reproducible and repeatable beer time after time. Topics include proper use, and calibration, of various measuring devices, accounting for differences in brew systems, processes, and recipes to ensure that you get the results you are expecting in terms of batch size, alcohol by volume, bitterness, and color.

00:00 – Intro
02:11 – Specific Gravity Measuring Devices
02:28 – Hydrometers
08:18 – Refractometers
12:43 – Volumes
17:13 – Temperature
20:28 – Dead Space Losses
24:30 – Absorption Rate Losses
27:07 – Evaporation Rate Losses
29:55 – Mash Extract Efficiency

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