Bourbon Stout Update: Recipe, Tasting, & Comparison to Dragon’s Milk

The conclusion video to the Bourbon Stout Live Stream Brew Day on November 6, 2021 where I go through the fermentation and infusion of bourbon and oak processes.

Sampling and comparison to the real New Holland Dragon’s Milk stout.

Also, an update about the next version of my Brewing Spreadsheet.

00:00 Brew Day Recap
01:37 Welcome Back
02:05 A Look at the Beer
02:48 Recipe Discussion
07:40 Brewing Spreadsheet Update
09:00 Comparison to Goose Island Bourbon Bounty
10:00 Fermentation and Aging Process
11:50 Things to Change Next Time
13:12 Comparison to Dragon’s Milk

Link to the Recorded Live Stream:

Bourbon Stout Recipe Files:

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