Batch vs Fly (Continuous) Sparging: Why I Batch Sparge

I get a lot of questions on this topic, so I thought that I’d do a quick Q&A on why I batch sparge instead of fly or continuous sparging as as well as going over the pros and cons of both methods. Buy BNB Gear here:… DONATE – Consider supporting my channel by making […]

BBQ Guru CyberQ Cloud: First Impression

My first impression of the BBQ Guru CyberQ Cloud temperature controller & monitor as I set it up and use it for the first time. This is a very promising gadget, and I expect it will make my life a whole lot easier when barbecuing. The Recorded ‘Spare Ribs’ Cook: Buy It On Amazon, […]

Pizza Making Tip: Multiple Pizzas

A quick tip on improving and expediting your pizza making experience when making multiple pizzas in a row. Pizza Pan Grippers: Pizza Pans: BEER-N-BBQ Gear: DONATE via PayPal – Consider supporting my channel and website by making a direct contribution.

Brewing Recipe Template v2.1 Update

Overview of enhancements and fixes to my brewing recipe calculator spreadsheet since version 2.0. 1:03 – Instructions Tab Update 1:42 – Sparge Calculation Update 2:35 – Yeast Fermentation Range Update 3:55 – Brewhouse Setup Tab Update 4:51 – Grain Absorption Ratio Update 6:10 – Refractometer Brix to FG Update 7:22 – Strike Water Temp Calc […]


Brewing, fermenting, kegging, & tasting of a hefeweizen, a Bavarian-style wheat beer, to quench my thirst on a hot Summer day. Made with Hallertau hops, a 60/40 ratio of wheat to pilsner malt, and Weihenstephan yeast providing its signature banana and clove flavor, this all-grain Southern German style wheat beer totally rocked! And, yes, it […]

The FastFerment: A Hands-On Review

A review of the 7.9L FastFerment by FastBrewing & Winemaking in context of fermenting and kegging an actual homebrew, a hefeweizen, including it pros and cons. FastFerment & Accessories: DONATE – Consider supporting my channel by making a direct contribution at the link below:

Fire-Roasted Tomato Sauce: Recipe & Canning

A tutorial on how I prepare & can my garden/patio tomatoes by roasting them on my kamado grill to coax out more of their natural sweetness and add fire-roasted flavor, milling them (using a stand mixer with attachments) to remove the skins and seeds, and finally canning them using the water bath canning method to […]