Grain to Glass Oktoberfest (Märzen) in Under a Month

The end of Summer was fast approaching and I had not yet brewed an Oktoberfest beer. What was I to do? The answer: Make it in three weeks using the quick lager method; a combination of pressure fermentation and gelatin fining. A ten gallon batch was split in half to ferment under pressure; half in […]

The New TriCoil 1.2 Chiller by CuS.S. Brewing Equipment

I had the opportunity to meet Jeremy McGranahan, owner of CuS.S. Brewing Equipment, and talk with him about his latest product; the TriCoil 1.2 Immersion Chiller. Jeremy was a co-owner of Jaded Brewing but now runs his own business making similar immersion chillers under the CuS.S. label. Check out the CuS.S. website:

My Kegerator Upgrades: Kegland Series 4, Gov Reg, & Custom Tap Handles

I finally bought a new kegerator to replace my single tap model; a 3-tap Kegland Series 4 kegerator with stainless steel Intertap Flow Control Faucets, Gov Reg compact secondary regulators, & custom tap handles. It looks and works great! Kegland Series 4 Kegerator: Intertap Faucets and Accessories: Intertap Ball Lock Adapter: Intertap […]