Back To Basics Brisket – Beef, Smoke, Salt, & Pepper in Perfect Harmony

Using a simple Texas-style salt and pepper rub, this video tutorial covers the entire process on how to make excellent beef brisket on any grill.  It includes detailed explanations (the what/why/when/how) on whether or not to use foil (or not), collecting the juices/drippings, and how to slice the meat.  A Kamado Joe Big Joe is used, but this methodology can be adapted and applied to almost any grill or smoker.


  1. Hi Larry,
    I choose to follow your suggestions over others for bbq brisket, because of great video and detail explanations. We just got our Kamodo Joe.
    Last night we followed all the instructions, heat it to the temperature you sugested, put the meat on, checked the consistence of the temperature and went to bed.
    Around 2 am it stop cooking, not even half done. We are in Texas. It was around 15F last night. We loaded almost full bag of charcoal. The top was almost closed with a tiny opening. The bottom was left less then an inch open. What did we do wrong and how come that the heat didn’t last all night?
    I would be very appreciate your input, especially when my sweetheart went and got a pellet smoker, because he wants not to worry about adjusting or checking temperature at night.
    I would be gratefully appreciate your input. I really would like to keep that grill.
    Thank you

    1. Weather is never a factor with a kamado. That is why I bought mine; for the colder northern Illinois temperatures. I cook year round.

      There are two reasons why your fire died:
      1) You are not yet familiar with your new kamado and how it behaves and reacts to vent adjustments.
      2) Because of 1), you choked out your fire. Fire needs both fuel and oxygen to burn, you apparently had your vents closed too much and slowly starved the fire to death.

      You need to practice adjusting your kamado’s vents to learn how to control and dial in your desired temperature for long cooks. You could also benefit from a remote temperature monitor like the Maverick I show in the videos that will alert you if your cooking temp drops or rises too much outside your chosen range.

      I hope that helps.

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