Thanksgiving Turkey: Spatchcocked & Smoke-Roasted

See how to make an awesome turkey and gravy for Thanksgiving. Spatchcocking is a great way to cook poultry. It greatly reduces the cooking time and cooks the white and dark meat more evenly than trying to cook a whole bird the traditional way.

The additional cooking technique of smoke-roasting gives it a nice smoky aroma and flavor while the fresh herb butter rub adds its own layer of deliciousness.

This bird is also incredibly juicy due to cooking it in a ceramic kamado which requires no brining, basting, or injection liquids due to inherit advantages of using a ceramic grill/smoker. (Ceramic cookers provide a moist cooking environment and do not dry out food.)

I also show how to collect the drippings and make an awesome gravy from them using a roux to thicken it.

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