Using a Recirculating Wort Chiller

Putting my latest DIY project to the test, I chill a batch of boiling wort down to lager pitching temperatures (55 deg F). It exceeded my expectations. I saved dozens of gallons of water while chilling my beer in record time. Win! Win! Recirculating Wort Chiller: A DIY Project

How To Make Better Burgers

Improve your burgers by grinding your own meat! Freshly ground beef made from chuck roast and sirloin steak, mixed with some salt, and loosely shaped into hamburger patties and grilled on my Kamado Joe cast iron griddle are incredible! ┬áServed on homemade burger buns with cheese (I prefer blue) and topped with grilled red onions […]

Building up a Yeast Starter

Learn how to create and build up a yeast starter for use with high gravity worts, larger batches of wort, and lagers. Homebrewing Basics: Making a Yeast Starter