How to Make a Spunding Valve: A DIY Project

Learn how to make your own home brew spunding valve to assist with closed system pressure transfers from vessel to vessel (e.g. fermenter to keg) and setting a maximum pressure value for a vessel. This is a very simply build and is a companion video to my Fermentasaurus review video made by fan request.

Fermentasaurus Review:

Parts List:
1/4″ Pressure Relief Valve:
1/4″ Pressure Gauge:
1/4″ NPT Brass Tee
1/4″ Male NPT x 3/8″Hose Barb
Gas Ball Lock Disconnect (fits the Fermentasaurus)
Gas Nut & Stem Assy
2 Small Hose Clamps
Teflon Tape
3/8″ ID Clear Vinyl Hose

BNB Gear:

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  1. Hello!
    Silly question, but does it matter where on the tee you thread the pressure gauge?
    For example, I’m planning on putting the gauge on the straight end and the relief valve on the side end.

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