Choosing a Fermenter: Bucket, Carboy, Keg, or Conical

An overview and comparison of the pros and cons of the four main types of fermenters available to homebrewers and winemakers; plastic buckets, carboys (glass and plastic), cornelius (corny) kegs, and conicals (plastic and stainless steel).

2:05 – The Plastic Bucket
5:38 – The Carboy
9:54 – The Cornelius Keg
14:20 – The Conical
19.49 – My Final Thoughts

The name brand fermenters mentioned:
The Catalyst Fermentation System
The FastFerment
The Fermentasaurus
Spike Brewing CF10

Other useful items mentioned:
The Brew Hauler

Other videos mentioned:
Homebrewing Basics Video Series Playlist
The Unnecessary Secondary – Why I Don’t Use Secondary Fermenters

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