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The Grainfather: First Brew Day

Part 2 of my Grainfather review, I walk through a brew day with the Grainfather demonstrating how to input recipes, sync to the app and Grainfather Connect Control Box, mash, sparge, boil, cool, rack to a fermenter, and clean it when done. ‘The Grainfather’ Overview (Part 1): Grainfather website: See something in one […]

‘The Grainfather’ Overview

An introduction to, and overview of, the ‘The Grainfather’; an electric all-in-one brewing system for 5-6 gallon batches of beer. This video discusses what it is, what it does, why I have it, and what I’ll be doing with it in the very near future. Watch the entire Grainfather Playlist. The Grainfather website: Buy […]

Live Q&A (and what to do in 2018)

A continuation of last week’s live stream, more live Q&A, and what I’m thinking about doing for 2018. BNB Gear: See something in one of my videos that you’d like to have too? Shop my Amazon Influencers Store: DONATE – Consider supporting my channel by making a direct contribution at the link below:¬†