How to Rack from a Carboy Using CO2

A tutorial and DIY instructions on how to build and use a multipurpose device that uses carbon dioxide to rack beer or wine from a carboy to another vessel using an open system pressure transfer and also from a carboy to a keg using a closed system pressure transfer to eliminate oxygen exposure during the racking process.

Parts List:
30″ Racking Cane (
1 Carboy Cap per different size carboy you have (
5/16″ ID Vinyl Tubing, several feet
a repurposed homebrew jumper hose (black disconnect to black disconnect)
Small Hose Clamps
1/4 barb x 1/4 MFL Fitting per carboy cap (PN 04C03125ih from
3/8 barb x 1/4 MFL Fitting (PN 04C03232ih from
1/4 Nylon Flare Washers or Teflon Tape
1 Beverage Nut & Stem Assy
CO2 Tank, Regulator, and Hose with Gas Disconnect
Keg (if needed)

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