Azacca Pale Ale: Tasting & Comparison of Safale S-04 vs US-05 Yeast

Both yeast variants of the same basic batch of beer turned out well. I tended to favor the English yeast strain while Chad preferred the American strain.

Chad & I finally got around to tasting and comparing the 10 gallon split batch of azacca pale ale that we brewed in mid-July. One 5 gallon batch was fermented with Safale S-04 English Ale yeast and the other with Safale US-05. See what difference a yeast strain has on the flavor of an otherwise identical beer.

Azacca Pale Ale Recipe (10 Gal): Excel Spreadsheet:…

PDF File:…

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  1. Hi Larry,
    this is Robert from Mallorca Culinary Tours in Mallorca, Spain. I am just starting with Home Brewing and i love what are you doing! Really your videos give many input to go and try by myself. I just downloaded your speradsheet and i started to put my things in – so far so good. But on the page “Hops Calcs” i cannot change the time to 50 Minutes. It says: “The entered value is invalid. The values which can be typed here is restricted by other users.” How can i change this – (my recipe want 50 Minutes…)? I tried to unprotect all sheets but even than there is no chance to fill in the 50 Minutes. I really appreciate your help, keep on rockin’!

    Best regards,

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