French Onion Soup Recipe

I recently posted some pictures of a batch of French onion soup I made on social media and have been asked for a recipe.  Since I do not plan to film a video version of the recipe any time soon, I’ll do the next best thing and provide it in written form here. Here it […]

How To Make Fermented Tabasco Sauce

From plant & peppers to fermented hot sauce, I show how to make fermented hot pepper sauce using tabasco peppers, cayenne peppers, salt, vinegar, & time. Ingredients: A batch of garden grown hot peppers (Tabasco preferred) 2-3% salt by weight White wine vinegar to taste Hooch from a natural yeast starter (Optional. Video link below) […]

Flow Control Faucets and Balanced Draft Systems Working Together

I bought an Intertap flow control faucet (model 8473) to help minimize foam while pouring more highly carbonated beers, ciders, and even root beers from my kegerator. However, I discovered that a flow control tap wasn’t enough on its own to control foam and still required a somewhat balanced draft system with a proper beer […]

DIY Mash Tun Cooler Upgrade

I recently upgraded my ten gallon brew system’s mash tun to a Coleman 70 quart Xtreme cooler to accommodate larger grain bills and also designed a new CPVC manifold that is 89% better at wort collection than my previous design. See the new mash tun in use: Original DIY Mash Tun Video:… Interested […]

NE IPA Brew Day With Home Brewing TV

Paul & Mike from Home Brewing TV came to visit and helped brew a ten gallon batch of New England IPA while having a great time sampling beers, whiskeys, and cigars. We also chowed down on a 19 lb beef brisket I made overnight on the Kamado Joe Big Joe. Can’t wait for the beer […]