Bell’s Two Hearted Ale Clone: Grain to Glass, Triangle Taste Testing, & Comparison to the Real Deal

After seeing a Bell’s Brewery provided Two Hearted Ale recipe published in a recent issue of Brew Your Own magazine (, I adapted it for the Grainfather and brewed up a batch with Chad. The recipe, brew day, fermentation, dry hopping, and the results are covered.
Via a side-by-side blind triangle taste test, Chad and I compare the clone with the real beer and the results surprised us both!
This video contains both a shorter official version and an extended version of our tasting, opinions, and general discussion on a variety of related topics.

0:05 – Brew Day, Fermentation, Dry Hopping, Kegging
2:47 – Welcome Greeting & Explanation of What We’ve Done & What We’re About To Do
4:58 – The Pour
6:08 – Triangle Taste Testing Comparing the Clone against the Bell’s Version
9:55 – The Results
15:15 – Recipe Overview
18:38 – The After Show (an Optional Bonus Feature) continuing the tasting, talking about Bell’s beer history, and a surprise guest appearance.

Bell’s Two Hearted Clone Recipe ‘As Brewed’ in Video:

Bell’s Two Hearted Clone Recipe ‘Corrected for Efficiency Diff’:

Bell’s Two Hearted Clone Recipe on v3.0 Spreadsheet:

Extract Version:

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