Send in the Clone! Bell’s Hopslam Clone Recipe & Taste Comparison

Confident after a brewing a successful clone of Bell’s Brewery Two Hearted Ale as published in a recent issue of Brew Your Own magazine (, Chad and I took up the challenge of brewing another one of Bell’s recipe from that same issue; Hopslam (a seasonal double IPA brewed with honey). Brewed on the Grainfather, another successful clone was made and compared with the original in a triangle taste test.

Bell’s Hopslam All-Grain recipe as shown in the video:

Bell’s Hopslam Extract recipe version:

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  1. Larry and Chad just watched the last Spike brew the very simple generic bare bones Weiss. After 10 years Brewing you have the brew toys need to get outside the recipe basic box. I would like to see a Real Dopplelbock by you as another suggestion! Love the Vids Best Brewing!
    Final competition at Doemens Academy Braumeister school Munich myself against Pro Ambev Brewing engineers. They brewed your recipe to the Tee I took it to a Much higher level and had unanimous Win judged by students and teachers! This Amber Honey Weiss was bottle conditioned with original Speise wort! Initial fermentation in horizontal tanks starting at 70 F honey Just had blastoff fermentation had to dial down temperature without crashing yeast 65 F then when fermentation done to 1 liter bottle conditioned! The honey as you know ferments to pretty much alcohol and keeps Amber malts from making beer too sweet just enough still dry and refreshing but high gravity will knock you on your Ass! Ha Hope the same Weihenstephaner Weiss yeast. I used all Weyermann malt!
    6.5 lb German Wheat
    6.5 lb German Pilsner
    .5 lb Munich Light
    .5 lb Honey
    .5 lb Vienna
    .5 lb Munich II

    1. Thanks for letting me know about the competition and the recipe. Congrats on the win.
      I’ve been brewing for over 20 years now. I brew what I like to drink a lot of and honey ales (with a few exceptions like Hopslam) aren’t quite my cup o’ tea. Dopplebocks are good, but I have yet to try an example that makes me want to brew 10 gallons of it. It’s been on my to brew list for a long time. Just hasn’t quite reach the top of the list yet.

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