July 5th Live Chat – More Q&A, CraigTube Update, and More.


  1. Larry, I really like your videos on YouTube. I miss seeing your old school all grain videos using coolers. I would love to see another all grain brew done by you using your old school equipment.
    Thanks for your videos! Im a fairly new brewer beginning to go all grain.

    1. Hi Ryan,

      Thanks for the suggestion.
      I still have my ten gallon DIY gas system, but my five gallon system is no more though.

      I do plan on doing a back to basics video using a concentrated extract boil on the gas stove in honor of my 20th year brewing, but that is not what your looking for according to your email about all grain.

      I’m definitely a convert to 240V brewing but still keep my other gear around in case I feel like an old school brew day, or need the extra capacity.

      I had thought about doing a hybrid system brew day using the Spike electric kettle with my HLT and Mashtun coolers. Or, a two kettle hybrid with the electric kettle for mashing and propane kettle for the boil.

      Why? Why not! LOL

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