The Chicago Pizza Pot Pie

If you’ve ever had the pizza pot pie from the Chicago Pizza and Oven Grinder Co., you will appreciate this inspired homemade version. My apologies for the very rough and short recipe. This was filmed in October 2019 and am just now getting this posted. LOL I also ad lib when I cook. I don’t […]

The Enhanced Chicago Breaded Steak Sandwich

Is it possible to improve upon the traditional Chicago breaded steak sammich (sandwich)? Absolutely, it is!With a marinara made from San Marzano tomatoes, fresh garden herbs, and a special ingredient (see below), I made a better version of the original! Recipe below. #ChicagoBreadedSteakSandwich #KingofFlavor #ElYucateco El Yucateco Hot Sauce (Our Sponsor’s) Information:Website: https://www.shopelyucateco.comYouTube Channel: […]