Grilled Soy Glazed Pork Tenderloin

Cooking a couple of marinated and glazed pork tenderloins on my kamado grill; starting indirectly then finishing up directly over the hot coals. The result is a deliciously moist interior and nicely browned exterior. It is probably my favorite way to cook pork tenderloin. A special thanks and credit goes to my trusty assistant Woody. […]

Brothers Brown: English Brown Ale

My brother, Chad, and I made a batch of English brown ale, fermented it while naturally carbonating in the Fermentasaurus conical fermenter, and racked it to a keg under pressure within a closed system. While not quite a Newcastle or a Samuel Smith Nut Brown Ale, this beer was delicious on its own merit. DONATE […]

How to Make a Spunding Valve: A DIY Project

Learn how to make your own home brew spunding valve to assist with closed system pressure transfers from vessel to vessel (e.g. fermenter to keg) and setting a maximum pressure value for a vessel. This is a very simply build and is a companion video to my Fermentasaurus review video made by fan request. Fermentasaurus […]

The Fermentasaurus: A Hands-On Review

My opinion of the Fermentasaurus conical fermenter by Oxebar in context of brewing a beer; an English brown ale. Also featured is the pressure lid kit accessory. Topics include sanitizing, racking, fermenting, purging trub, naturally carbonating, pressure transferring to a keg in a closed system, and cleaning up. Thanks to the folks at for […]

Brewing Recipe Template v2.2 Update

Version 2.2 of my brewing recipe calculator template is out. Updates include an SRM color calculator, a forced carbonation keg pressure calculator, and a MUCH more accurate grain list for calculating a MUCH more accurate specific gravity and mash extract efficiency by using information gained directly from the various maltster’s malt analysis sheets. DONATE – […]