The Grainfather: NE IPA Brew Day

For my second brew day on the Grainfather, I decided to brew a Northeast IPA while applying some lessons learned from my first brew day. Use of the delayed start heat setting to heat my sparge water, the Graincoat, a new hop spider, fly sparging using an assist from my ten gallon system’s Chugger pump, […]

American Amber Ale #1

This recipe turned out so well that I decided to post it here. As posted to the the Grainfather website: American Amber Ale #1 Download the Beer XML file for it. Download the PDF version. Here is the tasting video:

Channel Update and Giveaway Winner Announcement Some things I’ve been working on behind the scenes, and announcing the winner of the sign giveaway. Buy BNB Clothing & Other Gear Brian’s Channel (the guy that inspired the new logo): Equipment shown in the video: Amazon Basics 70″ tripod Manfrotto tripod Interested in learning how to make your own beer? Check out […]