Intertap Faucet: A Kegerator Upgrade

I fixed a long standing problem with my existing Perlick beer faucet leaking and not staying closed after every pour of a draft beer from my kegerator by replacing it with an Intertap faucet. Intertap Faucet and Accessories: Interested in learning how to make your own beer? Check out my Homebrewing Basics Video Series […]

Zombie Juice #1 NE IPA Recipe and Tasting

The follow up to my NE IPA Brew Day video on the Grainfather, the beer is tasted and the recipe provided. It was a very successful first NE IPA! Grain bill consisted of 2-row pale malt, flaked oats, red wheat malt, and rice hulls. Hop Bill consisted of a blend of Citra and Mosaic hops […]

How to Rack from a Carboy Using CO2

A tutorial and DIY instructions on how to build and use a multipurpose device that uses carbon dioxide to rack beer or wine from a carboy to another vessel using an open system pressure transfer and also from a carboy to a keg using a closed system pressure transfer to eliminate oxygen exposure during the […]

My Latest Garage Gadget: the NewAir AB-1200B Glass-Door Black Beverage Cooler

I replaced the aging garage fridge you see in the background of many of my videos with a brand new one by a company named NewAir. They sent me their NewAir AB-1200B Glass-Door Black Beverage Cooler to review. GET 20% OFF with my exclusive code LARRY at: Interested in learning how to make your […]