Cost Effective 2 Vessel K-RIMS on a DIY Cooler-Based Brew System: When Old Meets New Nostalgia Brew

What happens when you dust off an old 3-vessel budget DIY cooler-based brew system and brew on it as if it were a 2-vessel K-RIMS (Kettle Recirculating Infusion Mash System) Blichmann Engineering BrewEasy? Watch and see for yourself!

00:00 – Intro & Process Overview
03:53 – Getting Strike Water Heated and Grains Crushed
04:26 – Pump Talk
05:35 – Hose Connections
06:15 – Mashing K-RIMS Style
10:22 – Drain Mashtun to Kettle & First Wort Hops
12:18 – Checking Mash Efficiency with EasyDens by Anton Paar
15:15 – Starting the Boil
16:23 – Adjusting Specific Gravity
17:55 – Chillers and Late Additions
19:41 – Hop Stand
20:04 – Racking to Kegmenter

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