2022 Crown Point Rib Competition Road Trip

Another year; another contest. It’s time for my annual trip to Crown Point, Indiana for the annual Pentwater Rib Competition. Hoping to regain my title in 2022. This is going to be fun!

I used my traveling kamado, a Broil King Keg 5000 attached to my trailer hitch, again to cook three racks of St. Louis cut spare ribs for the competition assisted by my BBQ Guru CyberQ Cloud temperature controller.

I also had to create my own rub and sauce this year due to my go to winning rub and sauce combination being no longer available for purchase.

00:00 – Packed Up & Ready to Go
00:34 – Onsite Setup
02:07 – Ribs On!
03:02 – Almost Time to Wrap
04:29 – Time To Wrap
05:38 – Time To Sauce
09:21 – Ribs Finished!
10:11 – Rib Slicing & Selection
12:33 – Turn-in Time
13:19 – Judging Results

See the past years contests here: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLJGQZwp3xofu15naRxpSpEclgsy7KkFvg

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