Tips for a Leaky BrewBuilt X2 and Similar Pressure Fermenters That Use V-Clamps

Ever since my first use of the BrewBuilt X2 unitank fermenter, I’ve been dealing with it’s inability to hold pressure. After eventually solving the problem and hearing from others with the same issue, I decided to make this quick video showing what I did. These are my tips gleamed from personal experience while troubleshooting the pressure leak(s).

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00:00 Intro
01:09 Tip 1 – Ensure ALL parts are installed.
01:46 Tip 2 – Tighten ALL connections.
02:05 Tip 3 – Ensure lid is centered.
02:38 Tip 4 – Ensure the V-clamp can tighten and compress the lid gasket.
03:20 Tip 5 – Use a rubber mallet while tightening the V-clamp.
03:48 Tip 6 – When pressure testing, account for variables that affect pressure.
05:52 Tip 7 – Reach out to customer service.

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