How To Calibrate the Spike Solo

Answering the question of how to set a temperature offset and autotune the Spike Brewing Solo eBIAB system before first use. The PID controller that comes with it is an Electric Brewing Supply EBSP200. Spike Brewing Solo: The link to the PID controller manual with details on programming it:

The New Steam Condenser Lid by Spike Brewing: A Preview

Spike Brewing sent me a prototype of their upcoming Steam Condenser Lid, and I brewed a batch of beer with it. See how it went! Support my work via the following affiliate links:(I get small commission from each purchase you make.)SNS Grills: Brewing: Brewing: America: the American Homebrewers Association: […]

Spike eBIAB: Brew Day Live Stream

It’s beer thirty. Time for another live stream brew day! On today’s menu: Weissbier (Hefeweizen) brewed on the Spike Brewing eBIAB Single Vessel Brew System. Also, featuring a couple of new products by JaDeD Brewing. Previous Spike Brewing eBIAB videos: JaDeD Brewing Affiliate Link (throw me a small cut of your purchase): Weissbier […]

Spike eBIAB: 1st Brew Day Experience

The outcome of my first brew day on the Spike Brewing eBIAB Single Vessel Brewing System. Some observations and some ideas for improving the brew day experience. #SpikeBrewing #SpikeBrewingEquipment #BIAB #eBIAB Purchase Links Mentioned in Video (Amazon Affiliate Links): Hoist: 10 ft Cable Extension: Larry’s Lager Recipe Links:

The Spike Brewing eBIAB Single Vessel Brewing System: Early Access & 1st Look

Spike Brewing sent me a pre-production prototype of their new electric single vessel brewing system: the eBIAB. Let’s see what’s inside! #SpikeBrewing #eBIAB #BIAB Spike Brewing: Short Circuited Brewers videos mentioned: Spike Single Vessel E BIAB System First Look!: Spike BIAB system preview at NHC 2019:

Grain to Glass Lager in 11 Days! Wow! I’m doing this again!

I brewed a “quick lager” in a fraction of the time it takes to make a typical lager. I used the Spike Flex+ fermenter to ferment a lager under pressure at room temperature without the need for cold temperature control and “lagered” it by fining the finished beer with gelatin instead of spending weeks in […]

English Brown Ale #2: Recipe and Tasting

Another English brown ale is kegged, tapped, and ready to drink! Brewed on the Grainfather and fermented under pressure in the new Spike Brewing Flex+ fermenter, this beer turned out great. There were some changes from the original Brother’s Brown recipe including substituting Briess Special Roast for Victory biscuit malt, Challenger hops for Fuggles, and […]