English Brown Ale #2: Recipe and Tasting

Another English brown ale is kegged, tapped, and ready to drink! Brewed on the Grainfather and fermented under pressure in the new Spike Brewing Flex+ fermenter, this beer turned out great. There were some changes from the original Brother’s Brown recipe including substituting Briess Special Roast for Victory biscuit malt, Challenger hops for Fuggles, and Lallemand Windsor (British Ale) yeast for the Wyeast British Ale 1098. Recipe is below.

English Brown Ale No 2 Recipe (All-Grain):
Excel: https://beernbbqbylarry.com/BNBFiles/English_Brown_Ale_No2-20190303.xlsx
PDF: https://beernbbqbylarry.com/BNBFiles/English_Brown_Ale_No2-20190303.pdf

Brother’s Brown Video and Recipe: https://youtu.be/DYEmhZV95ig

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