Fermented Hot Sauce Via the Pepper Mash Method (Part 2): Processing & Bottling

The final follow up video to the first video on fermenting peppers, this video covers the final processing, bottling, & labeling of the fermented peppers. Items mentioned in video:pH MeterStar San Sanitizer5 oz Woozy BottlesWoozy Bottle Shrink CapsulesPrintable Labels 00:00 – Intro & Recap01:00 – Finishing Fermentation Batch 103:21 – Measuring pH for Batch 104:43 […]

Fermented Hot Sauce Via the Pepper Mash Method (Part 1)

End of summer is the time of year where I begin fermenting some of my harvested garden grown peppers in preparation for turning them into bottled hot sauce. This year my harvest consists of Habanero, Tabasco, Melrose, Havasu peppers, and some San Marzano tomatoes. I like to use the pepper mash method instead of a […]