Larry’s Quick Lager: Pressure Fermentation & Gelatin Fining Details

A deep dive follow up to my previous video about my “Quick Lager“. I go over the details on how I shortened the brewing process for a lager from months to just days using pressurized fermentation (using the Spike Brewing Flex+) at room temperature and gelatin to fine (clear) the beer.
I also show my latest gadgets for use on the Grainfather; a Robobrew False Bottom and The Hangover and hop spider attachment by Exchilerator.

Larry’s Lager Recipe:

Spike Brewing Flex+:

David Heath’s Channel:

Exchilerator Hangover:


  1. Did you use the Spike+ gas manifold from start to finish? I noticed the warnings against using it for pressurized fermentation, I suspect because if the PRV got clogged it could climb to dangerous pressures. I’m on day 2 of this recipe right now doing it this way, and the gauge is already at 15 psi, I can’t tell if it’s relieving pressure but I figure it must be since it won’t go above 15 psi. The krausen looks nowhere near the top of the fermenter so I’m not overly worried about it clogging, but was wondering your thoughts and what you did.

    1. Yes. They never warned me about any concerns with pressure fermenting in it even after I told them that exactly what I planned to do with it. I don’t understand the concern though. Even if you added your own spunding valve to the gas port, it too would be prone to the same issue as their PRV. Just give the PRV a quick pull to see if the pressure vents.

  2. Did you pressurize the flex plus after pitching or did you just let the yeast do it’s job and let the pressure rise naturally?

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